Focus on your priorities

Homes for sale in Des Moines

As mentioned in the tip on research, there will always be tradeoffs when you are comparing homes. It is unlikely that a single home will provide the perfect combination  of price, floorplan, finishes, amenities and location. This can be a confusing time but your Realtor® should be able to help you  focus and prioritize items that are most important to you and show you homes that best meet your requirements.  Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect home and there are almost always compromises. Focus on the overall picture.

  • Will  the home fit your needs?
  • Can you visualize yourself living there?
  • How do you like the neighborhood?
  • Will you be happy living there for a long time?

Your prior research will come handy at this point, does the home contain all of your “must haves”? If not, continue your search. One method that is helpful is to always have a favorite home. Even if you wouldn’t purchase the home you identified as your latest “favorite”, it give you a basis to compare other homes to. If you find a home you like better, that becomes your new favorite.