Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Des Moines home purchase

Selling a home is becoming increasing more complex. Government regulations, environmental concerns and changing lender guidelines have all contributed to this complexity.

A purchase agreement is the contract that contains many clauses that you need to be aware of and understand. There are several areas that can create a problem if not handled correctly. When will the inspections occur and what happens after that? When will the appraisal and be completed, when is the final loan approval due? How will property tax proration be handled? 

There are also the the required disclosures. If your home was built prior to 1978 you have to inform the buyer in writing that it may contain lead-based paint, and you also have to provide the buyer with the EPA safety booklet about lead. And what about Radon gas? Has there been any prior damage  or major repairs to the home? Any there any defects that you might be aware of? Making sure that everything is done right and that you have fulfilled your obligations under the law is essential . This can help you avoid headaches, unexpected costs, and legal trouble both during and after the sale.