Prepare Your Home to Make the Best Impression

Des Moines Home Staging

In order to get the highest price for your home it’s important that your home compare well with your competition.In the many cases you will be competing with new construction homes.  If you have ever visited a new construction model home you will notice that the homes are clean, bright, uncluttered and, well, new.

In most cases buyers that look at your home will also be considering new construction properties and their expectations are now higher. It’s important to make sure your home is  clean, neat, uncluttered, and bright. If there are any cosmetic blemishes, repair them. A new coat of paint makes a big difference  for many homes. The yard should be clean, well-groomed and generate the maximum level of “curb appeal” possible. This is true as well for a clean, uncluttered garage. Before doing any significant upgrades it’s worthwhile to discuss it with a Realtor® as they can advise you as to whether you will get a return on your investment. If it’s appropriate your Realtor® can also recommend a home stager to assist you in putting the final polish on your home.  

A new-looking home will attract more buyers and will sell faster at a higher value.