Qualify Potential Buyers

Des Moines home buyers

When homeowners sell their home without the help of a Realtor® it can be difficult to separate lookers from qualified buyers. In this scenario the homeowner is often willing to show his home to anyone who expresses an interest in it. In that situation buyers can be either not qualified to purchase the home or they will indicate potential interest because they want to avoid the conflict of telling the seller directly that they are not interested. 

The best way to avoid this situation is to use a good Realtor® who will show your home to qualified buyers. In that case a qualified buyer would be someone who is actively looking to purchase a home and has been approved for financing by a reputable lender.

When considering an offer from a potential buyers it is very important that you verify that your buyer is indeed willing, able and ready to make the purchase. The will involve verfiying with the lender that the buyer’s approval has been made based upon confirmation of their employment, credit history, and income.