Take Every Offer Seriously

Buying a Des Moines home

It’s hard to predict exactly when you will receive your  first offer, sometimes it happens quickly. Sometimes when it happens quickly,  sellers don’t always take it seriously. They believe that it is just the first of many offers.  Perhaps another buyer will come soon after and offer more? Perhaps there will be many to choose from? While that sometimes may be the case, more often than not the first offer can be the best one.

An experienced Realtor® will tell you the best offer for a home can come when the home is new to the market. The longer the home has been on the market, the initial interest of buyers can subside, and the home attracts less and less activity. Generally, the longer a home remains unsold, the less buyers are willing to pay for it. Many sellers, who turned down an early offer, thinking that a better one would be just around the corner, ended up selling their home for less than the initial offer.